Kickstart a Wellbeing Plan - a Loop Forum for school leaders

Thurs 25 July, 1.00pm - 3.30pm

Onslow College

We invite Loop schools to send members of their Senior Team, or those holding special responsibilities in the wellbeing space, to the second of our sessions focusing on individual school wellbeing plans. We encourage you to send the same staff members who came to our first Forum in Term 1. The 25 July Forum will provide attendees with a pragmatic and collaborative opportunity to kickstart a plan for a wellbeing initiative in their own schools.

Before you come: Decide on a challenge / problem / initiative / that you would like to tackle on the day around implementing wellbeing in your own school. Come with a GDoc or Padlet open in advance.

At the session: Working collaboratively and drawing on each others’ experience, follow a design template and leave with a project plan for your school.

By working with others at Loop Forums, we develop connections with each other, share best practice, and collaborate on issues of strategic importance.

Please RSVP and let us know who is coming from your school using this link: RSVP for 25 July  - Wellbeing Forum - Part 2