Practical ways to support students with Autism, with Shannon Hennig

Friday 13 May, 7.30am - 9.00am


This session is part of a series of workshops the Loop is running that are designed to help teachers build practical skills and strategies for working effectively in the classroom with students with various learning differences. 

About this session:

Shannon Hennig is a Speech-language Therapist who specialises in neurodiversity including autism and ADHD.  She is known for her practical workshops that help explain the “why” behind student experiences while also sharing concrete ways to support students academically and socially in the school context. Her professional development sessions are grounded in both research and her hands-on experience working closely with students of all ages in schools. 


Please register to attend by completing this form:  Registration form - Loop Breakfast, Fri 13 May

Attending this workshop is free of charge for the staff of Loop schools.