Scaffolding Inclusive Learning - a Loop Breakfast event for PCTs

Thurs 5 Sept, 7.30 - 9.00am

St Patrick's College, Kilbirnie

The Loop warmly invites Provisionally Certified Teachers, in particular, to a Breakfast Session that will explore the strategies that teachers in our Loop schools are using to scaffold inclusive learning in their classrooms.  This session is designed for PCTs, although other teaching staff are welcome to attend.   

Our presenters are all classroom teachers who are still in the early years of their careers and who will share their experiences with the audience.  Come and hear about the strategies that they find work best to scaffold inclusive learning, ask questions, discuss, learn from each other, be encouraged in your efforts, and take away some ideas to try in your own teaching.  

The session will consist of four short presentations given by teachers from a variety of curriculum areas.  There will be time for questions and discussion at the end.  We will hear from:

  • Maeve Reid and Prue MacFarlane (English/Science), Wellington High School
  • Sarah Watson (Technology), Wellington Girls’ College
  • Aisling Scriven (Maths), Hutt Valley High School 
  • Tessa Hope (English), Onslow College

A light breakfast will be provided.  Staff from any Loop schools are welcome.  Attendance is free of charge.  

Please register using this link:  Registration Form - Scaffolding Inclusive Learning (5 Sept)

Supporting PCTs in our schools - a Loop Forum event for school leaders

Wed 28 Aug, 1.00 - 3.30pm

Wellington College

The Loop invites school leaders, Specialist Classroom Teachers and any other staff with particular responsibility for supporting Provisionally Certified Teachers in Loop schools, to our next Forum meeting on Wednesday 28 August at Wellington College. 

At Loop Forum meetings we develop connections with each other, share experiences and programmes, discuss best practice, and collaborate on issues of strategic importance.  

Our guest facilitator Andrea Milligan will lead the session.  Andrea is Associate Dean (Teacher Education) at Victoria University’s School of Education.

Session outline: 

  • What’s currently happening in training programmes before PCTs get to our schools?   
  • What changes lie ahead in training programmes, and what could this mean for supporting PCTs?
  • Short presentations by some Loop schools outlining what they currently do to support their PCTs.
  • Group discussion opportunity.

Please let us know who will be coming from your school, by completing this form: 

RSVP for Forum: Supporting PCTs

Kickstart a Wellbeing Plan - a Loop Forum for school leaders

Thurs 25 July, 1.00pm - 3.30pm

Onslow College

We invite Loop schools to send members of their Senior Team, or those holding special responsibilities in the wellbeing space, to the second of our sessions focusing on individual school wellbeing plans. We encourage you to send the same staff members who came to our first Forum in Term 1. The 25 July Forum will provide attendees with a pragmatic and collaborative opportunity to kickstart a plan for a wellbeing initiative in their own schools.

Before you come: Decide on a challenge / problem / initiative / that you would like to tackle on the day around implementing wellbeing in your own school. Come with a GDoc or Padlet open in advance.

At the session: Working collaboratively and drawing on each others’ experience, follow a design template and leave with a project plan for your school.

By working with others at Loop Forums, we develop connections with each other, share best practice, and collaborate on issues of strategic importance.

Please RSVP and let us know who is coming from your school using this link: RSVP for 25 July  - Wellbeing Forum - Part 2

Supporting Staff Wellbeing - a Loop Breakfast event

Wed 3 July, 7.30am - 9.00am

Hutt Valley High School

Come and hear about initiatives, programmes and ideas being tried by colleagues in Wellington schools that focus on 'Supporting Staff Wellbeing and Helping Staff Support Each Other'. Staff from any Loop schools are welcome to attend.  Attendance is free of charge.  Please register using the link at the bottom of this page.

At this session, we will hear from:

  • Anna Wilson, Wellington Girls’ College
    At the start of this year Wellington Girls' College undertook a review of what it was doing to support staff wellbeing.  In her presentation, Anna will share what they did to undertake the review and the resulting plan being created around the Mental Health Foundation’s five ways to Wellbeing.

  • Siobhan Haley and Katie Long, Hutt Valley High School
    HVHS offers a coaching programme each year to all staff, both teaching and support staff. The choices include one on one coaching, group coaching and the opportunity to form coaching partnerships. It is voluntary and staff are able to choose to participate in as many options as they like. Hear from Siobhan and Katie how this programme works, and its impact.
  • Steve Conroy, Tawa College
    Tawa Kāhui Ako began a work stream of Wellbeing in its community of schools at the beginning of 2018. It became clear from the first meeting that looking after Staff Wellbeing was urgent and needed to be addressed before student wellbeing. A range of Wellbeing measures to support staff were introduced, with varied success. As we continue to grapple with the ambiguity of the term Staff Wellbeing, one question remains unanswered: Whose responsibility is Staff Wellbeing?

To register, please click here: Breakfast Registration Form - Supporting Staff Wellbeing

Supporting Student Wellbeing - a Loop Breakfast Event

Wed 13 March, 7.30am - 9.00am

Tawa College

Come and join us for breakfast to hear about initiatives, programmes and ideas being tried by colleagues in Wellington schools to support Student Wellbeing.  Hear about strategies that have made a difference, ask questions, discuss, learn from each other, be encouraged in your efforts, and take away some ideas to try in your own school.

At this session, we will hear from:

  • David Cournane, Wellington College
    The influence of positive psychology in the development of more resilient young people: how a strengths based approach to relationships, supported by an explicit focus on building gratitude, empathy and mindfulness, can develop a greater capacity to flourish in our young people.
  • Tiffany Gross, Fulbright Scholar, VUW
    With a focus on creating opportunities for student voice, hear about a teacher’s use of restorative justice teams, and other strategies to help students feel that they belong, and that what they say matters, regardless of their background.
  • Bernard Beckett, Hutt Valley High School
    Over the last two years the HVHS drama department has been trialing ways to make explicit the values of kindness, zest, hope, awareness and courage in its programme. This presentation will look at ways they’ve done this, what's worked and what hasn't, and where they hope to go from here.

This event is open to the staff of Loop schools to attend, free of charge. To register, please click here: Registration Form - Student Wellbeing Breakfast

Leading and Supporting Effective Wellbeing in our Schools - a Loop Forum event

Monday 4 March, 1.00pm - 3.30pm

Hutt Valley High School

Loop schools are invited to send Senior Leaders, or their specialists in this space, to the first of two sessions that will focus on individual school wellbeing plans.

This first session will look at different frameworks to guide the development of your wellbeing plans, a collective review of varying approaches, and the opportunity to consider what is most relevant for your school. A follow-up session will be held on Thursday 27 June.

Loop Forum sessions are an opportunity to develop connections with each other, to share best practice, and to collaborate on issues of strategic importance. Schools need to nominate their attendees for Forum sessions, so if you are keen to attend, please make contact with your school's Professional Learning Co-ordinator to discuss further.

Leading Change - a Collaborative Forum Event

Wed 28 Nov, 12.30pm - 3.30pm

Wellington Girls' College

Our final collaborative session of this year for invited School Leaders is happening on 28 November at Wellington Girls' College. Join facilitator Geoff Childs, and middle and senior leaders from other Loop schools, to share best practice in leading change. For further information, please email Robyn at
Acknowledging Diverse Identities - a Loop Breakfast Event

Fri 30 Nov, 7.30am - 9.00am

Wellington High School Library

Come along for breakfast with the Loop and hear about initiatives, programmes and ideas in three Wellington schools that focus on acknowledging diverse identities.  Ask questions, discuss, and learn from each other. Be encouraged in your efforts and take home some ideas to build on in your own school or classroom. This event is open to all staff of Loop schools. Attendance is free of charge.
At this session, we will hear from:
  • Wellington High School -  Responding to the Rainbow: this presentation will cover the use of inclusive language to cater to gender diverse classrooms, and strategies our school has implemented to support LGBTQ+ student diversity.
  • Wellington College - A snapshot of what we are currently doing to help support LGBTQ+ students at our school. There will be a chance to ask questions and share ideas afterwards which we greatly value as we are still relatively new to this.  We welcome open discussion and ideas from other schools.
  • Tawa College - The importance of data will be covered with regard to acknowledging diverse identities.  We will also explore the role of restorative practice, whether it be restorative chats, circles or conferences in recognising the stories behind our diverse backgrounds and approach to schooling.

To register, please click on this link: Breakfast Registration - Acknowledging Diverse Identities