Supporting Student Wellbeing - a Loop Breakfast Event

Wed 13 March, 7.30am - 9.00am

Tawa College

Come and join us for breakfast to hear about initiatives, programmes and ideas being tried by colleagues in Wellington schools to support Student Wellbeing.  Hear about strategies that have made a difference, ask questions, discuss, learn from each other, be encouraged in your efforts, and take away some ideas to try in your own school.

At this session, we will hear from:

  • David Cournane, Wellington College
    The influence of positive psychology in the development of more resilient young people: how a strengths based approach to relationships, supported by an explicit focus on building gratitude, empathy and mindfulness, can develop a greater capacity to flourish in our young people.
  • Tiffany Gross, Fulbright Scholar, VUW
    With a focus on creating opportunities for student voice, hear about a teacher’s use of restorative justice teams, and other strategies to help students feel that they belong, and that what they say matters, regardless of their background.
  • Bernard Beckett, Hutt Valley High School
    Over the last two years the HVHS drama department has been trialing ways to make explicit the values of kindness, zest, hope, awareness and courage in its programme. This presentation will look at ways they’ve done this, what's worked and what hasn't, and where they hope to go from here.

This event is open to the staff of Loop schools to attend, free of charge. To register, please click here: Registration Form - Student Wellbeing Breakfast

Leading and Supporting Effective Wellbeing in our Schools - a Loop Forum event

Monday 4 March, 1.00pm - 3.30pm

Hutt Valley High School

Loop schools are invited to send Senior Leaders, or their specialists in this space, to the first of two sessions that will focus on individual school wellbeing plans.

This first session will look at different frameworks to guide the development of your wellbeing plans, a collective review of varying approaches, and the opportunity to consider what is most relevant for your school. A follow-up session will be held on Thursday 27 June.

Loop Forum sessions are an opportunity to develop connections with each other, to share best practice, and to collaborate on issues of strategic importance. Schools need to nominate their attendees for Forum sessions, so if you are keen to attend, please make contact with your school's Professional Learning Co-ordinator to discuss further.

Leading Change - a Collaborative Forum Event

Wed 28 Nov, 12.30pm - 3.30pm

Wellington Girls' College

Our final collaborative session of this year for invited School Leaders is happening on 28 November at Wellington Girls' College. Join facilitator Geoff Childs, and middle and senior leaders from other Loop schools, to share best practice in leading change. For further information, please email Robyn at
Acknowledging Diverse Identities - a Loop Breakfast Event

Fri 30 Nov, 7.30am - 9.00am

Wellington High School Library

Come along for breakfast with the Loop and hear about initiatives, programmes and ideas in three Wellington schools that focus on acknowledging diverse identities.  Ask questions, discuss, and learn from each other. Be encouraged in your efforts and take home some ideas to build on in your own school or classroom. This event is open to all staff of Loop schools. Attendance is free of charge.
At this session, we will hear from:
  • Wellington High School -  Responding to the Rainbow: this presentation will cover the use of inclusive language to cater to gender diverse classrooms, and strategies our school has implemented to support LGBTQ+ student diversity.
  • Wellington College - A snapshot of what we are currently doing to help support LGBTQ+ students at our school. There will be a chance to ask questions and share ideas afterwards which we greatly value as we are still relatively new to this.  We welcome open discussion and ideas from other schools.
  • Tawa College - The importance of data will be covered with regard to acknowledging diverse identities.  We will also explore the role of restorative practice, whether it be restorative chats, circles or conferences in recognising the stories behind our diverse backgrounds and approach to schooling.

To register, please click on this link: Breakfast Registration - Acknowledging Diverse Identities