The Loop Trustees are supported by a dedicated group of staff who work together  with our member schools to deliver the Loop’s events and support services.

Robyn McInnes

Operations Manager

E     robyn@wellingtonloop.net.nz

Robyn is our Operations Manager and has been with the Loop since June 2016. A former secondary teacher of Maths and English, Robyn now leads our day to day operations, working closely with our trustees in developing and coordinating our events programme for schools. She is responsible for all liaison with our member schools and is the organiser of the annual LoopEd Conference.

Chloe Kasoulides


Chloe is the Treasurer for the Loop. She has worked for the Loop since August 2019 and was previously the Business Manager at Paraparaumu College. Chloe can be contacted on: accounts@wellingtonloop.net.nz

Calum McGonigle

Technical Facilitator

P     021 888 329
E     calum.mcgonigle@gmail.com

Calum is the technical specialist for the Loop with a particular emphasis on supporting the LoopEd Conference and hosting individual school websites. He has previously been the HoD Computing and ICT Professional Development trainer at Wellington High School. A former trustee of the Loop, now based in Brisbane, Calum also runs his own website design company.

Keryn Akers

Conference Support

E     akerskeryn@gmail.com

Keryn supports the LoopEd Conference each year, helping Robyn on the day of the conference to ensure our 900 teachers know exactly where they are headed at any given time. Keryn also teaches at Eastern Hutt School and has a passion for using e-Learning to enhance creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking in the classroom.